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Academy of Art provides instructional art programs for ages 3 through adult. Our in-depth art curriculum utilizes hands-on teaching techniques, incorporates history (world cultures) and fosters self expression. Academy of Art provides it's students with a non-judgmental environment, ability-appropriate instruction and an atmosphere for creative development. Individualism and creativity are ideal so we design each project around different learning strategies, critical thinking and active learning!
We use a variety of mediums; watercolor, chalk and oil pastels, mix-media, charcoal, graphite, marker and acrylics.


Academy of Art offers a variety of programs based upon art elements and principles; including enrichment classes, community projects, and private lessons. However, to fully benefit from arts education, we strongly recommend enrolling for a series of classes.

  • Our projects are designed around an art concept that introduces elements of design and concludes with a project reflecting the student's grasp of their new skill. These structured lessons are designed to enable and improve a student's ability and draw while applying art terms and techniques.
  • Even the innate artist needs a proper educational foundation for long-term development of skills and coordination involving an occasional creative activity.


Join the growing enrichment programs in facilities, preschool through adult
Use our resources, providing art curriculum and workshops for educators
Support the arts with fundraisers and our community projects

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