PONY Camps and Lessons

Run a working RANCH!
Pony camp is an awesome, adventurous day where your kid(s) will get to learn the basics of the barn
Students will ride in a full lesson with other kids of their age and experience level plus groom and bathe the ponies
Play lots of fun games, ART LESSON and meet new friends


Days: Sundays and some Saturdays/Pony Camps (LESSONS are custom to your schedule)

Times: 9am-2pm, (bring a sack lunch)
Ages: 6+ years
Location: Franktown, at the intersection of highway 86 and 83 (CANYON RANCH)

Cost: $120, PONY CAMP and Lessons are $50

To Ride a Horse is to FLY without Wings!

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More Information!

Private Art Lessons
Classes available in the S. Denver Metro Area
Learn to draw or paint!
Based around your schedule
For ages Jessica, 480-747-5120 or email us

If you would like to have an afterschool art enrichment program at your child's school, please contact us to check availability.

Elements of Design

The elements of design is the break-down of how a piece of artwork is created or defined as an arrangement according to the principles of design. Elements of Design line, shape, form, space, color, value and texture
Principles of Design unity, variety, balance, rhythm and emphasis
Art Function- noun --the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects
Art is:
  • Motivating
  • Creative
  • A process and a product
  • Success oriented
  • An active engagement
  • Thought provoking

  • From art, a child develops:
  • Self esteem
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Problem solving skills
  • Kinesthetic and cognitive skills
  • Perceptual development
  • Self-correction